Winter Solstice

Neil Brian
Junior in a blue flying college.

the gentle giant
photography lover
soon-to-be doctor
tall guy with thousand words
optimist thinker
wondrous traveler
an aspiring chef :)

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Permalink Flying without wings =)))) #lol 😆✌️
Permalink It was already 2 years ago when we had stayed here for the Ecology field trip! How time flies! it’s good to see this again :)  (at Subic Bay)
Permalink Daddy Long Legs 👤 #shadowselfie (at Camayan Beach Resort)
Permalink Honest and Berry Good #whuuuutt #organicdawehh
Permalink SUMMER TIME!!!! ☀️☁️🌊 #selfiepod #fisheye (at Camayan Beach Resort)
Permalink Time for Beach!!! #summervibes #ootd (at Camayan Beach Resort)
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Gorgeous AND good for you: Smoothies.
Permalink HAHAHAHHAHAHA. this can’t be out of the list. but this is a really good method for studying.
Permalink It’s the Climb ☀️ #throwbacknotthursday #Ineedmoreadventures (at Taal Batangas)
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Have you seen your Leo horoscope for today yet??

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