Winter Solstice

Neil Brian
Junior in a blue flying college.

the gentle giant
photography lover
soon-to-be doctor
tall guy with thousand words
optimist thinker
wondrous traveler
an aspiring chef :)

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Why are people like this? we planned this WEEEEEEEKS, even a month before the trip but there will be sudden changes in the personal plans of the people the night before.

it is really hard to plan, you know??? with your sudden changes of plans, maraming nadadamay. PLEASE LANG. UMAYOS KAYO. NAKAKAASAR EHH.

Permalink Selfie never stops! Even in the underwater 😂 #lol
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Buffalo Chicken French Bread
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Permalink Flying without wings =)))) #lol 😆✌️
Permalink It was already 2 years ago when we had stayed here for the Ecology field trip! How time flies! it’s good to see this again :)  (at Subic Bay)
Permalink Daddy Long Legs 👤 #shadowselfie (at Camayan Beach Resort)
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Permalink SUMMER TIME!!!! ☀️☁️🌊 #selfiepod #fisheye (at Camayan Beach Resort)
Permalink Time for Beach!!! #summervibes #ootd (at Camayan Beach Resort)
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Gorgeous AND good for you: Smoothies.
Permalink HAHAHAHHAHAHA. this can’t be out of the list. but this is a really good method for studying.